Difficulties Encountered While Learning Turkish

Difficulties Encountered While Learning Turkish

Difficulties Encountered While Learning Turkish

Turkish, one of the most spoken and deep-rooted languages ​​in the world, takes its place among the languages ​​spoken by more and more people every day. However, there are some difficulties that can be encountered while learning Turkish. We can list these difficulties that can be overcome with regular work and effort as follows;

Lack of Documents and Materials

One of the most common problems in learning processes of all languages, not just for Turkish, is the lack of material. Lack of comprehensive, accurate and understandable study materials can be a bit challenging when learning Turkish. However, this problem has been overcome with many new initiatives lately, and many resources, documents and materials can be found in the easiest way to learn Turkish for foreigners.

The limited number of textbooks prepared with different learning methods can be counted among the difficulties you will encounter in learning Turkish. The visual insufficiency of Turkish training sets and exercise books, the lack of use of video, audio narration and other training techniques can make Turkish learning a little difficult.

Challenges Arising from Motivation and Environmental Conditions

The motivation of the person in foreign language learning will directly affect his learning success. Therefore, one should stand firm in the face of difficulties and never give up. There are many differences between the Turkish taught in the literature and the Turkish spoken on the street. The emergence of different dialect, accent and language features can surprise foreigners who learn Turkish.

Difficulties Arising from the Phonetic Structure and Grammar of Turkish

The phonetic structure of Turkish, in which different phonetic features come together, can be challenging for students. Especially words with letters such as P and B, which are called lip sounds, are more difficult to pronounce. For example; The word that should be pronounced “karpuz” can usually be expressed as “karbuz”.

Difficulties Arising from Different Language Structures and Words of Foreign Origin

Turkish is taught with Istanbul Turkish in educational books and sets. However, the language spoken on the street is far from these taught patterns. Learning difficulties can be encountered when students cannot apply what they have learned in their schools on the street.

Especially in Anatolia, there are many different language features. These words, which show different pronunciation features than normal Turkish words, contain the same meanings. However, there may still be problems in learning.

Solution Offers for Difficulties in Turkish Learning

Lack of material and resources is the primary challenge for foreigners who want to learn Turkish. Updating the textbooks and reconstructing them with modern educational techniques will eliminate many difficulties and provide a faster learning of Turkish.

Special Turkish education programs should be prepared for people with different languages. For example, Arabic students who do not know the Latin letters and English students learning Turkish from different study sources will provide a faster learning system.

While there are many different foreign language learning applications, Turkish language learning applications are limited. By carrying out studies on this, Turkish learning can be moved to the digital dimension and Turkish language learning studies can be done without any difficulties with the education method anywhere.

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